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SPECIAL SECTION: 2013 FORAGE GUIDE Cereal Grains Forage Master III Wheat Forage Master III Wheat is a medium-tall wheat that is an excellent choice for grazing or greenchop. Physical Characteristics: Medium-tall wheat with excellent leaves and standability. At boot stage, Forage Master III is medium to dark green in color. Growth Characteristics: Excellent early-season growth with vigorous regrowth. Maturity: Late maturity. Disease Tolerance: Good resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust along with excellent resistance to stem rust and powdery mildew. Insect Tolerance: No resistance to Hessian fly. Planting Requirements: Plant 1 to 2 inches deep after the Hessian flyfree date. Seeding Requirements: Drill 90 to 110 lbs./acre or broadcast 110 to 130 lbs./acre. Soil and Nutrient Requirements: Fertilize according to soil test, yield goal and intended crop use. In absence of soil test, apply 40-40-80 before seeding and 60 to 80 lbs. of nitrogen after spring growth starts. Harvesting Tips: Graze in fall and winter or in early spring cut for hay or silage in the boot stage for maximum feed value. Drought Tolerance: Very good. Forage Master Plus Rye Grain High yielding rye grain cross that is grazing tolerant. Very good hardiness with superior palatability. Physical Characteristics: Heights to 4 feet. Deep green color with adequate fertilization. Tremendous tillering potential for forage production. Good straw strength. Growth Characteristics: Vigorous early growth that persists through midseason grazing. Great for hay or green crop in the spring. Maturity: May - June. Boot stage in April. Disease Tolerance: Good. Planting Requirements: Plant 1 to 2 inches deep. Seeding Requirements: Sow 80 to 100 lbs./acre. Soil and Nutrient Requirements: Soil test recommended. In the absence of a test, apply 40-60 lbs. of nitrogen at planting and 50 - 80 lbs. of nitrogen per acre at spring green up. Harvesting Tips: Graze December through May to 6 inches of height. Insect Tolerance: Good. Drought Tolerance: Good. Forage Master Oats Forage Master Oats are a superior forage yielding variety with better palatability than common oat varieties. Not recommended for grain production. Physical Characteristics: Tall variety with very long, wide leaves with medium green color. Soil and Nutrient Requirements: 100 lbs. nitrogen in split applications. 40 lbs. at planting and 60 lbs. at approximately 24 inches height. Growth Characteristics: Seedlings are upright. Plants stool aggressively and resist lodging. Harvesting Tips: Cut hay before the soft dough stage. Greenchop at the dough stage. For maximum feed value, harvest at the boot stage. Maturity: Boot stage is in May. Insect Tolerance: Insects are seldom a problem. Seeding Requirements: Seed late February through mid-April. 40 to 50 lbs./acre drilled. 20 CEREAL GRAINS Summer 2013

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