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Note: Not all items need to be purchased in case quantities. Supplements/Electrolytes TechMix, Inc. A soluble powder to be added to the drinking water or feed during stressful times such as; scours, weaning and shipping. Mix 1 lb. per 64 gallons of water for 7 days or 6 lb. per ton of feed for 7-14 days. 8352184 6 lb bag 8/case gallon 4/case Disinfectants 0211730 Mo��� Milk Feed Mix ABC Compound A specifically formulated disinfectant cleaner concentrate that is effective in the presence of heavy organic soils and Effective extremely hard water conditions. Dilutes in hot, cold, soft Against or hard water of up to 1000 ppm water hardness. Avian Flu Effectively kills gram negative and gram postive bacterias Virus and viruses such as; TGE, pseudorabies, E. coli, staph, pasteurella, reovirus, adenovirus, rotovirus plus many others. Biodegrades in sewage and/or the enviroment. Dose: One-half ounce per gallon. TechMix, Inc. ��� Provides essential nutrient fortification in combination with a gentle, natural laxative agent. Add to the sows ration 14 days before farrowing to help with constipation in the gestating sow or gilt. 8 lb per ton of feed. 8353184 8 lb bag Sheep & Goat 6/case B & B Shears Sweet Oral Iron Prep Neogen Double Bow 6.5��� sheep shear International Nutrition An oral supplement of ferric iron to prevent anemia in baby pigs. Starting at 3 days of age give 11���2 ounces of oral iron to each piglet every three days. 0140072 12.5 lb bag CIDR G 4/case Disinfectants Betadine�� Surgical Scrub Purdue 8470135 8471553 A Povidone Iodine solution in a detergent base for preoperative surgical scrub. Also good for operative sight as well as hands. Contains 0.75% titratable iodine. 1815432 1815401 32 oz bottle gallon Pfizer Easy Breed system helps induce estrus in ewes and allows for breeding out of season. Contains 0.3 gms progesterone which is continuously released into the bloodstream at a controlled rate when inserted vaginally. Onset of estrus generally occurs within 1-3 days after removal Eazi Breed CIDR. Directions: Administer 1 insert per ewe for 5 days. Not for use in ewes with abnormal, immature or infected genital tracts; or in ewes that have never lambed. No slaughter withdrawal. 6/case 4/case Applicator (sheep) Insert (sheep) 20/bag 5/case 5/case Colostrum Bolus for Goats Kaeco A nutritional product for newborn goats which contains live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, colostrum milk, and vitamins. Betadine�� Veterinary Solution 0141060 Purdue Povidone iodine antiseptic solution for disinfection of skin and mucous membranes, wounds, lacerations, burns, and abrasions. Also useful for surgical instruments and premise use. Contains 10% povidone iodine. Equal to 1% available iodine. 1815532 1815501 32 oz bottle gallon gallon 0141061 Neogen 4972930 4972935 Pfizer gallon 24/case 12/case Boehringer Moxidectin Cydectin Oral Drench for Sheep, an innovative ready-to-use antiparasitic, is the first Moxidectin product for sheep in the United States. Cydectin Oral Drench provides a broad spectrum of protection against internal parasites, including Haemonchus contortus, and economically significant parasite in sheep. Do not use in female sheep providing milk for human consumption. No withholding time on the milk has been established at this time. Administration: 1 ml per 11 lb of body weight. WARNING: 7 day slaughter withdrawal. Pfizer A germicide, fungicide, detergent and deodorant that effectively kills 23 types of bacteria, 8 viruses and 3 fungi. Pleasant fragrance leaves everything smelling clean and fresh. 8473080 10 dose 50 ml 50 dose 250 ml Cydectin�� Oral Drench for Sheep 12/case 4/case 4/case Roccal D Plus Merck Protects sheep against eight types of Clostridial diseases. Dose 5 ml SubQ for sheep, booster with 2 ml in 6 weeks. Pregnant ewes should receive 2nd vaccination as an annual booster 2-6 weeks before lambing. WARNING: 21 day meat withdrawal. For use as a disinfectant on surfaces and for aid in controlling numerous viruses. Usage: 3 oz per gallon of water for inanimate objects. For a premise spray use 1 oz per gallon of water for disinfecting farm buildings and animal areas. Pleasant scent added. 16 oz bottle gallon gallon unscented 12/box Clostridium chauvoei-septicum-haemolyticum-novyitetani-perfringens Types C and D Bacterin-Toxoid *Sold by case 3010403 3010406 3010625 30 ml tube Covexin�� 8 4/case* Nolvasan�� Disinfectant- Scented Kaeco A nutritional product for newborn goats which contains live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, colostrum milk, and vitamins in gel form. For use in disinfecting farm buildings and equipment that are used for livestock and poultry production. Dilute 1 oz per gallon of water. Saturate clean surfaces of the premise and equipment for 10 minutes and allow to dry. Do not use on livestock. 3512143 12/case Colostrum Oral Gel for Goats 6/case 4/case DC&R�� Premise Disinfectant 25/jar 3018875 3018876 4/case 26 1000 ml bottle 4000 ml bottle 6/case 2/case Sheep & Goat 4107015 Swine Bluelite��� Swine Tek-trol�� Disinfectant

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